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While in college, Brooklyn, NY native, Fred Cerami started his appetite for
making people happy through food. He sold hotdogs from a wagon, now our “Salad
Wagon” on the side of Hardy St. in Hattiesburg, MS. Eventually Cerami’s was
established in 1977. Using his Sicilian family recipes and his charming
personality, he made his mark in Jackson. In 1992, Fred took a break from the
restaurant business to pursue another business venture, Act One Limousine. Fred
decided to hang onto the décor and sentimental gifts that adorned the restaurant
walls. Good thing he did, because in 2006, his daughter, Alissa Cerami
convinced Fred to reopen Cerami’s as business partners and bring back the
nostalgic energy and look of the original Cerami’s with a southern flair. Literally
growing up in the restaurant business, Alissa acquired a passion for cooking and
entrepreneurship. With the desire of making people happy with good food and
welcoming staff, Fred & Alissa make a great team.

We put our heart & soul into this business and we want you to feel a part of
our family. We are excited to be serving you our special family recipes and hope
you enjoy your time spent with us.
Alissa Cerami

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  1. My husband and I had our first date at Cerami’s 27 years ago while attending college. We are in town this week and decided to look it up. We’re thrilled to find we can experience Cerami’s again! See you soon!

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